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breathe, ride, repeat

where yoga meets cycling, and so much more...

New to Boga?

What is yoga?

  • Yoga is a practice of the mind and body - on and off the mat. Through asanas we practice clearing the mind and, in turn, relaxing and opening the body.

What is Boga?

  • Boga was born out of a love for both Bicycling and Yoga, hence the name - BOGA! Boga integrates movements that stretch and flex muscles used during bicycling. But it doesn't stop there - even if you are not a cyclist, Boga Lab has a variety of classes to suit your needs.

Why should I practice yoga?

  • Yoga is all around us all the time. It's in noticing the simple things in everyday life, whether that be the texture of your rug under your feet as you move slowly across it, or the water splashing on your hands as you wash the dishes. Consciously practicing being present can improve your mood, impact your outlook on life, and give you a sense of ease and clarity in hard times.


What props do I need to practice yoga?

  • As long as you have a body you can practice yoga. Loose fitting/stretchy clothing is recommended for asana practice.


How often should I practice?

  • Walking in the park, meditating in your office or taking a vinyasa class is all considered yoga. We suggest practicing some sort of mindfulness daily.   


Will I get a physical workout during a vinyasa class?

  • Yes, you will use your body to hold postures and poses. By challenging the body in this way, we learn to overcome obstacles in our mind by relaxing into distinctive postures.

"the greatest adventure life has to offer is the journey inward"
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