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About Us

Seeking our version of happiness


Our Story

     Cycling, martial arts, tennis, swimming, Yoga (asana) can all be used to bring the mind into a flow state and in turn feeling more connected to body and mind. After personally feeling this connection, the universe spoke and "the Boga Lab" was born. The Boga lab was born with the intention of assisting practitioners in seeing this connection and how it can be reached at any time in any place.

The studio was built with love and patience and the energy is light and welcoming; feel free to come sit and chat about life, join our monthly events for a dip into another realm of love and connection or just to say hello.

Blue to Cream Gradient

Meet the Instructors


             Edwin Antonio

-Yoga student/instructor

-Cyclist of all styles

-Life enthusiast

-Child of earth

Yoga as a lifestyle to me means slowing down in order to really "see" life and in order to slow down one must truly have faith in the universe and truly believe that everything that has come into your life or left is for a greater purpose (even the "bad"). Everyday is a practice and through practice the faith is now unquestionable and it is me.

As a practitioner of Hatha yoga for nearly a decade the physical practice has lead me down a road where my physical body feels strong and rejuvenated; this physical feeling has brought me mental stillness (stillness has many forms; calm and clarity in danger, peace and patience in a traffic jam an overall feeling of "I have arrived" ); this mental stillness has led me to explore my inner state (my unconscious thoughts, feelings and reactions)deeper and the journey in Karma yoga and Bhakti yoga has taken me even further . It is through seeing this path that I have come to feel that this overwhelming love that is in my heart this love needs to be shared.

I am firmly on the path of living yoga in everyday life from brushing my teeth to making a sandwich. This is the type of practice you can expect from me.



-Wing Chun master


-Personal trainer

-Avid cyclist

Studying martial arts as a teenager has been a journey towards my truth of molding my knowledge and self in a diversified manner. My practice has shown me that classical martial arts are very limited, restricting and leave no room to express your self in self defense and flow like water.

With a background in gymnastics, physical education and art; expressing myself through my body has been my passion for as long as I can remember and sharing these gifts adds to me. These gifts have been handed down to many who encountered the truth of excellence in sculpting both mind and body; united as one. wing chun will incorporate the elements and components of fitness and will be geared for men and women of all ages in a disciplined yet playful environment.



-Ball of joy

-Yoga enthusiast

My goal in life is to make people happy. Simple as that. If you leave my class even 10% happier (great book by the way), I'll be satisfied. In order to accomplish this goal, I keep my classes lighthearted and fun. I will challenge you. I'll push you to your limit but make a joke juuust as you're reaching it. I want you to realize that if you don't take it—or yourself—so seriously, you can push yourself a little bit further, on and off the mat.

I like to create a comfortable little community in every class so that we can all be ourselves. It's OK if you can't touch your toes (I promise!); it's OK if you can't nail those chaturangas, but this is where you can come to practice, to play, to indulge your inner spirit.

I've been known to interrupt a warm up because my favorite song comes on and I just CAN'T NOT do breath of joy during it. If you've been to my class, you know. This little bit of spontaneity will keep you on your toes. I don't want you to be bored and I won't let our practice become monotonous.
If you want a positive, uplifting experience while breaking a sweat to let out all those toxins, I’m your girl. 

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